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16 Recipes using Pancake Mix

16 Recipes using Pancake Mix

You’ll see your favorite pancake mix in a whole new light with these delicious recipes for pancake mix that aren’t pancakes!

Pancake mix is a staple in my pantry. Did you know there are a whole list of uses for pancake mix that aren’t actually pancakes?  Yes it’s true! 

I like to buy my favorite pancake mix in bulk and make everything from waffles and muffins to biscuits and cookies!

And if you are the type of person who loves to make their own pancake mix, you can still totally make these recipes!!

My favorite pancake mixes are from Kylee Cooks and Four Hats and Frugal

I love when I am in an all around meal rut, I can fall back onto my favorite pancake mix to shed light onto something new and creative for my whole family to enjoy! 

From desserts with pancake mix to savory recipes with pancake mix, you won’t believe how versatile pancake mix is.

One of my favorite recipes in this list is fried oreos. It brings me back to being at a fair. Do you know why deep fried oreo recipes use pancake mix? Because the batter creates a crispy outside and a soft inside. 

What is in Pancake Mix? 

Pancake mix is made generally of flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. While you may be tempted to use it as a substitute for flour, I’d advise against that because of the added baking powder, salt and sugar. 

recipes using pancake mix

Things to Keep in Mind When Working With Pancake Mix

  • Sometimes, pancake mix can get lumpy. To troubleshoot this, sift the pancake mix into your bowl. 
  • Try substituting milk for any place you see water as an ingredient. The flavor and fat in milk not only adds more flavor, but can lead to a thicker texture in your recipe.

Uses for Pancake Mix That Aren't Pancakes!

You'll see your favorite pancake mix in a whole new light with these delicious recipes for pancake mix that aren't pancakes!

One of family’s favorite uses for pancake mix are pancake muffins. They’re so easy that even the kids can make them now and are great for snacks or breakfast.

Did you know that pancake mix had all of these versatile uses and recipes?

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