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The Best Oreo Dessert Recipes

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Hey Oreo fan, this post is for you!

Oreo cookies are probably one of the most iconic desserts in America. We all know someone who has an Oreo addiction — and since they have been around for over 100 years so it must be good right? 

The original recipe for Oreos, now America’s favorite cookie, first came out in 1912 as a sandwich cookie with two chocolate cookies and vanilla cream filling in the middle. Regular Oreos have been tweaked over time to create different flavors like lemon, mint, cherry cola, cinnamon, and piña colada. 

There are also now Oreo flavors that have no creme filling at all – such as jingle bells and red velvet.

It’s hard to choose just one delicious oreo dessert. The best way is always just with a glass of milk. Or you can add crushed oreos into your favorite brownies for a sweet treat. Maybe they’re even better sandwiched between waffles and ice cream! If these are things that make your mouth water then it’s time to try something new, like the best oreo milkshake recipe!

The best oreo recipes take just a little work and use simple ingredients to create an amazing dessert.

Pro tip: Using a food processor or rolling pin, create oreo crumbs and add the crushed cookies to a container of cool whip, chocolate chip cookies or pudding mix to make easy recipes that are a delicious treat!

The cookie is just the beginning of what you can create with this recipe and it’s not surprising that there are many different ways to enjoy this delicious cookie, from ice cream sandwiches to cookies and creme pie

One of my favorites to make regularly is a no-bake oreo dessert made with a cream cheese layer and an oreo crust. It’s such an easy dessert.

The flavors of Oreos are loved by many because of their perfect mix of sweetness and crunchiness. They pair well with a variety of foods, including ice cream or chocolate pudding, to create delicious desserts that are sure to please just about anyone! They can be used to make a number of different desserts. 

The different ways to enjoy an oreo are endless, and there’s a good chance that you have your own favorite way. Whether it be golden oreo truffles, oreo cheesecake bites, a cookies n cream oreo cake roll, there is something for everyone who loves the delicious taste of this iconic cookie! 

Whether it’s late at night when a craving hits or just time for an afternoon pick-me-up, Oreo lovers will love these delicious desserts

Oreos add a deliciously rich flavor when blended up with vanilla bean ice-cream and heavy whipping cream. Make sure not to forget about those extra toppings – whipped topping would be perfect on top of this delectable treat while dark chocolate syrup will give it just enough sweetness without making it too sweet.

Can you freeze Oreos? Yes!

cookies and cream ice cream

If you’re looking for more great recipes with oreos in them, check out these next level dessert ideas the whole family will enjoy. I have compiled a list of decadent recipes that will be the perfect treat for the holiday season, a birthday cake or next family dinner that you are gonna love!

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We hope one of our favorite Oreo desserts will become yours too! 

What are your favorite oreo dessert recipes? Let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post!

The Best Oreo Dessert Recipes

If you're an Oreo lover, you'll love our collection of these easy Oreo dessert recipes. You'll find a new mouth-watering, delicious dessert to try. Find the perfect dessert from an Oreo Pudding Dessert to ice cream cake, we have tons of easy Oreo cookie recipes for you.

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sheila ressel

Monday 11th of October 2021

I'm so glad I found this page! Hubby's fav is anything oreo so I'm gonna have to try each and every one of these recipes. He's gonna be so excited!