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The Best Memorial Day Dessert Recipes 

Explore delicious Memorial Day dessert ideas to sweeten your holiday celebration. From patriotic treats to refreshing summer sweets, find the perfect recipes to enjoy with family and friends.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, it’s time to start planning your menu for the holiday gathering. And what better way to end a day of remembrance and celebration than with a delightful array of desserts?  

We’re exploring a variety of Memorial Day dessert recipes that are not only delicious but also pay homage to the red, white, and blue.

From vibrant flag cakes adorned with fresh berries to refreshing berry trifles layered with whipped cream and angel food cake, our recipes are sure to delight guests at your holiday gathering.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQs, a Memorial Day picnic, or attending a potluck, these Memorial Day desserts are sure to impress your guests and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Very Berry Cheesecake Salad

Easy Memorial Day Dessert Ideas:

What are the best Memorial Day desserts? The best Memorial Day desserts are those that evoke the spirit of the holiday while satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth. Some popular options include:

Patriotic Sugar Cookies

Decorate sugar cookies with red, white, and blue icing and festive sprinkles to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. These colorful cookies are perfect for both kids and adults and add a festive touch to any Memorial Day gathering. 

memorial day cookies

No Bake Desserts

No-bake desserts are an ideal choice for Memorial Day gatherings, offering convenience, versatility, and deliciousness in equal measure. With minimal effort required and the ability to be prepared ahead of time, these sweet treats allow hosts to spend more time enjoying the festivities with their guests.

Examples such as no-bake cheesecake, fruit parfaits, and icebox cake offer a range of flavors and textures to suit every palate. 

A holiday favorite is a Red White & Blue Trifle made by layering angel food cake, cool whip and fresh berries in a trifle dish. This refreshing and visually stunning dessert is perfect for warm weather and can be made ahead of time for easy entertaining. It’s a light, airy dessert, bursting with the flavors of summer, making it the perfect ending to any Memorial Day meal.


Celebrate Memorial Day with a variety of patriotic cakes that pay homage to the spirit of the holiday. A red, white, and blue cake features layers of colorful cake and buttercream frosting and adorned with festive decorations. 

The iconic flag cake proudly displays the stars and stripes with alternating rows of juicy blueberries and strawberries, creating a stunning centerpiece for any Memorial Day celebration. 

Red velvet cakes are an ideal Memorial Day dessert thanks to its vibrant red color and rich, moist texture, which align perfectly with the patriotic theme of the holiday. Its decadent flavor, complemented by creamy cream cheese frosting, provides a delightful contrast that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether served as a cake or red velvet cupcakes, the entire family will enjoy this crowd-pleasing addition to your Memorial Day celebration.

nothing bundt red velvet cake

Frozen Treats

Frozen treats such as no-churn ice cream, ice pops, and homemade ice cream sandwiches are ideal summery desserts for your Memorial Day celebrations.

No-churn ice cream is easy to make and can be customized with various flavors and mix-ins, making it a versatile and crowd-pleasing dessert. Ice pops provide a fun and portable option, allowing guests to enjoy a sweet treat while mingling and socializing.

memorial day dessert recipes

Homemade ice cream sandwiches offer a nostalgic twist on a classic favorite, with soft chocolate chip cookies sandwich between a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delightful combination of textures and flavors.

memorial day dessert recipes

Fresh Fruit 

Transform your favorite fruit into delicious desserts for Memorial Day by incorporating creative preparations and presentations.

Grilled fruit skewers offer a caramelized and smoky flavor, while fruit salads provide a vibrant and refreshing option using a variety of seasonal fruits. Fruit parfaits layered with yogurt and granola offer a nutritious and customizable dessert, while frozen fruit popsicles provide a fun and cooling treat for hot summer days. Fruit salsa with cinnamon chips offers a unique twist, combining chopped fruits with lime juice and herbs for a flavorful and healthy dessert option.

With these ideas, fresh fruit becomes a standout dessert choice for Memorial Day celebrations, adding both flavor and freshness to the festivities.

Traditional Fruit Pies 

Traditional fruit pies are a go-to dessert for Memorial Day. From the refreshing tanginess of Key Lime Pie to the sweet juiciness of a Strawberry Pie and the comforting warmth of Blueberry Cobbler, these desserts offer something for every palate. Tart recipes and fruit tarts provide versatile options, allowing for endless variations with seasonal fruits, while Blueberry Pie and Cherry Pie bring classic flavors to the table. 

Check Out These Recipes:

red white blue cupcakes

Tips For Memorial Day Dessert Recipes 

If you’re planning to make desserts for your Memorial Day celebration, here are some tips to help you create the perfect dessert that is not only delicious, but memorable too!

  • Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things by trying to make elaborate desserts or try new recipes that are difficult to execute. Stick to simple recipes that are easy to make and will be enjoyed by all.
  • When making desserts, it’s important to use fresh ingredients. Fresh fruit, for example, will make your desserts taste better and look more appealing.
  • Memorial Day is a time to celebrate and be festive, so have fun with your dessert presentation. Use red, white, and blue sprinkles, top your desserts with fresh berries, or use patriotic-themed plates and napkins.
  • To save time and reduce stress, make your desserts ahead of time. Many desserts can be made the day before and stored in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them.

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