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Easy No Bake Halloween Treats & Desserts

Looking for easy Halloween treats? Check out this collection of no bake desserts that require no oven time. From spooky spider cookies to adorable ghost brownies, enjoy simple recipes for a fun and tasty Halloween celebration.

These no bake treats are not only delicious but also a simple way to bring Halloween fun to your parties.

Whether you’re hosting a spooky Halloween party or need a fast dessert for trick-or-treaters, these treats are perfect.

With creative options like candy corn parfaits and pumpkin patch dirt cups, you can easily create a festive atmosphere and satisfy your sweet cravings without the need for baking.

These easy Halloween dessert ideas have simple ingredients that are a great way to save a lot of time when you need to make fun treats fast. The hardest part will be deciding which one to make. 

20 Easy No Bake Halloween Desserts

No Bake Halloween Spider Cookies

These yummy and spooky spider cookies start by melting chocolate, which becomes gooey and smooth. You mix this melted chocolate with oreo cookies and cream cheese, creating a satisfying texture combination. Afterward, you shape the mixture into spooky spider-like forms, giving the clusters a playful and creepy appearance.

These yummy treats are not only delicious but also easy to prepare, making them an ideal choice for a fun Halloween treat.

oreo spider cookies

Ghostly Mini Cheesecakes

Picture mini cheesecakes that bring a creamy and smooth delight, and they come with a touch of playful whimsy. On top of each one, there’s a charming swirl of whipped cream that adds a touch of elegance. To make them even more captivating, chocolate chip eyes are added, transforming these mini desserts into utterly endearing and approachable ghosts.

Placing them on your Halloween dessert table will infuse it with cuteness and a delightful taste.

Candy Corn Parfaits

Think about layers of creamy pudding or yogurt in a clear glass. Arrange these layers in a way that they look just like the famous candy corn, with its distinct orange, yellow, and white sections. As you alternate these layers, you’re not only making a treat that’s visually attractive but also something that’s super enjoyable to eat. It’s like capturing the fun and flavors of candy corn in a delightful dessert presentation!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

Imagine taking the beloved classic rice krispie squares and giving them a delightful twist by adding the warm and cozy flavor of pumpkin. These easy pumpkin rice krispie treats are lovingly shaped into charming little pumpkin figures, each one a miniature symbol of the season.

To enhance the Halloween spirit, these pumpkin treats are carefully adorned with colorful icing, capturing both the essence of the holiday and a delightful touch of sweetness.

pumpkin rice krispie treats

Oreo Bat Truffles

These festive treats are crafted by crushing Oreo cookies and blending them with creamy cream cheese. After shaping them into bat-like forms, candy eyes are added to give them a whimsical yet spooky look. Completing the eerie transformation, chocolate is used to create intricate wings, turning these truffles into delightful bat figures.

The process of making bat truffles is enjoyable, and the taste is a delightful combination of chocolatey and creamy flavors, perfect for the Halloween season.

bat truffles

Mummy Pudding Cups

Imagine layers of smooth and creamy pudding nestled within clear cups. To give them a spooky twist, delicate strips of white fondant or white chocolate are gently wrapped around the cups. These strips mimic the appearance of mummy bandages, making the pudding cups look like adorable yet eerie mummies. For an added touch of charm, place candy eyes on the mummy’s “face,” completing the look with a fun and slightly spooky vibe.

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Get ready to transform simple rice krispies treat into delightful Frankenstein heads that bring a touch of spooky fun to your Halloween celebrations. To create these sweet treats, you’ll add green food coloring to the mixture, giving them the iconic monster hue. With a steady hand, use icing or candy pieces to shape the face of Frankenstein, complete with bolts and a mischievous grin.

These cute Halloween treats offer a creative twist on the classic monster character and make for an entertaining and tasty addition to your Halloween table.

Witch Hat Cookies

Witch hat cookies are put together by stacking chocolate sandwich cookies on top of each other. On the very top, a Hershey’s Kiss is placed, forming a hat shape that’s like what a witch might wear. You can make them even more magical by using colorful icing to add decorative designs, turning these cookies into charming treats that bring enchantment to your dessert choices.

Monster Eyeball Pretzel Rods

Take crispy pretzel rods and dip them into candy melts that come in bright and vibrant colors. Attach candy eyeballs to these coated pretzels to create a look that’s reminiscent of playful and colorful monsters. These perfect Halloween treats expertly blend the flavors of salty pretzels with the sweetness of the candy coating, resulting in a combination that’s not only fun to look at but also deliciously appetizing.

Haunted Graveyard Cups

In these haunted pudding cups, you’ll find layers of rich chocolate pudding and crushed cookies stacked together. But the magic happens on top – there, you’ll discover eerie gummy candies that resemble tombstones and ghostly figures. All combined, these elements create a mini edible graveyard right in your cup. This clever treat truly captures the spooky and fun essence of Halloween, making it a must-try for your festivities.

Spooky Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Imagine biting into cookies that have a delightful peanut butter base, bringing a rich and nutty flavor. But these cookies have a spooky twist: they’re transformed into eerie delights by adding a pretzel stick dipped in chocolate, creating creepy-crawly spider legs that stick out in a slightly scary yet delicious way.

To complete the eerie atmosphere, don’t miss the candy eyes that give these treats their spooky gaze. With every bite, you’ll experience a scrumptious combination of flavors and a touch of Halloween excitement.

Jack-o’-Lantern Fruit Cups

Imagine charming little cups that are bursting with a mix of vibrant and delicious fruits. These fruits include juicy oranges, ripe strawberries, and plump grapes. But that’s not all – the cups themselves are transformed into mini jack-o’-lanterns! They’re carved to resemble pumpkins, adding an extra layer of Halloween magic to your fruity snack. Each bite is not only a burst of fruity goodness but also a delightful nod to the festive spirit of Halloween.

Candy Apple Nachos

Picture taking crisp, juicy apple slices and generously drizzling them with sticky melted caramel and luxurious rich chocolate. And that’s not all – atop this delightful combination, you’ll find a playful assortment of miniature M&M’s and finely chopped nuts, adding bursts of color and crunch. Candy Apple Nachos takes the concept of classic candy apples and transforms it into a fun and shareable nachos-style experience, perfect for savoring Halloween moments in a creative way!

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Visualize the tenderness of popcorn, affectionately combined with melted marshmallows and then shaped into delightful balls. Incorporating a sprinkle of food coloring and Halloween-themed candies transforms them into lively and enjoyable popcorn concoctions that are just right for snacking.

Monster Marshmallow Pops

They take a dip in lively, colorful candy melts, turning them into a burst of vibrant hues. But that’s not all – they get even more playful with the addition of candy eyes, making each marshmallow pop look like a charming and edible monster. All of this cuteness is held together on sticks, creating a treat that’s both delightful and easy to enjoy.

Boo-tiful Ghost Brownies

Get ready to treat yourself to a scrumptious delight – brownies that have been transformed into the most adorable ghost shapes. These friendly ghost brownies are cut with care and covered in a velvety layer of creamy white frosting. What adds that extra touch of charm are the candy eyes that playfully bring these ghostly treats to life, making them a delightful and slightly eerie addition to your Halloween spread.

Creepy Crawly Jello Cups

Just imagine cups filled with layers of brightly colored gelatin, like a rainbow captured in a cup. Now picture gummy worms playfully poking out from between those colorful layers, as if they’re having a wiggly adventure. These halloween jello cups bring a joyful and slightly silly touch to your Halloween celebration – the wiggly, jiggly textures and the cute gummy worms make it a treat that’s as fun to eat as it is to look at!

Witches’ Brew Pudding Parfaits

Think of layers of decadent chocolate pudding, followed by crumbled cookies and green-tinted whipped cream. Combined, they create a dessert that resembles a magical brew. Adding gummy worms into the mix elevates the spookiness and fun factor.

Spiderweb Chocolate Bark

Smooth chocolate that’s melted and spread out. Then, you use delicate white chocolate to make a pattern that looks like a spiderweb. To finish, you add candy spiders on top. This chocolate bark becomes spooky and delicious – perfect for Halloween!

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups

Close your eyes and imagine layers of creamy chocolate pudding, like a rich, velvety base. Now, picture bits of crumbled cookies nestled in between the layers, just like how soil is spread in a garden. And the best part – on top of this dessert garden, there are these cute gummy pumpkins, making it look like a mini patch of pumpkins right in your cup. It’s a delightful treat that brings the joy of a pumpkin patch to your taste buds.

Feel free to get creative and enjoy making these delightful and scrumptious Halloween treats!

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