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Our Favorite Recipes Using Chocolate Chips That Aren’t Cookies!

Chocolate chips are a beloved pantry staple, and while they’re often associated with classic chocolate chip cookies, their culinary potential reaches far beyond this iconic treat. 

From luscious chocolate chip desserts to mouthwatering creations that celebrate the versatility of these delightful morsels, the possibilities are endless. 

Chocolate chips are a dessert enthusiast’s dream ingredient. The best part is that they can be folded into cake batters, brownie mixes, and quick breads like muffins to add pockets of rich, melty chocolate.

Try making chocolate chip-studded ice cream, or drizzle them over a creamy cheesecake for an indulgent touch.

recipes with chocolate chips that aren't cookies

What Are Chocolate Chips Good For?

Chocolate chips are a versatile ingredient that can be used to enhance a wide range of recipes and add a touch of sweetness and indulgence, so what to make with chocolate chips?

  • Baking: Chocolate chips are a staple in cookie, brownie, cake, and muffin recipes, adding bursts of chocolatey goodness to your baked goods.
  • Desserts: They are perfect for making chocolate ganache, fondue, and chocolate-dipped treats like strawberries or pretzels.
  • Hot Drinks: Chocolate chips can be stirred into hot beverages like hot chocolate, coffee, or even warm milk for a rich and creamy experience.
  • Toppings: They can be sprinkled over ice cream, yogurt, or oatmeal, enhancing the flavor and texture of your favorite desserts and breakfasts.
  • Snacking: Chocolate chips are a convenient and tasty snack on their own, and they can also be included in homemade trail mixes or granola.
  • Savory Dishes: They can be incorporated into savory dishes like mole sauce, where the hint of sweetness complements the complex flavors.
  • Garnishes: Chocolate chips can be used as a garnish for cake, cupcakes, and other confections to add visual appeal and flavor.
recipes with chocolate chips that aren't cookies

10 Things to Make with Chocolate Chips 

Chocolate Chip Blondies:

Surprising your friends and family with dessert bars like a batch of blondies is always a good idea. These caramel-flavored brownies are loaded with chocolate chips, giving them the perfect amount of sweetness. Want to take them over the top? Add a frosting of your choice on top, making them part cookie and part cake!

easter blondies

Chocolate Chip Mug Cake:

This single-serving treat is loaded with chocolate chips and boasts a moist and decadent texture, making it the perfect solution for your sweet cravings.

Chocolate Chip Muffins:

Chocolate chip muffins are a delightful breakfast or snack option, featuring a moist and fluffy texture and studded with sweet chocolate morsels. These muffins are a perfect fusion of rich, buttery batter and the indulgence of chocolate chips, making them an irresistible treat for all ages.

Homemade Chocolate Bark:

Melt chocolate chips, spread them on a baking sheet, and sprinkle with nuts, dried or fresh fruit or even crushed candy canes. Once set, break the chocolate bark into pieces for a delightful and customizable treat.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate:

Enhance your hot chocolate by stirring in a handful of chocolate chips. They’ll melt into the cocoa, creating a luxurious and velvety drink, full of rich chocolate flavor. Experiment with additional flavors like sea salt or cinnamon for an extra touch of sophistication.

Crockpot hot chocolate

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels:

Dip pretzel rods or twists into melted chocolate chips for a sweet and salty delight. You can even add sprinkles or crushed nuts for added texture on chocolate covered pretzels.

Chocolate Pancakes or Waffles:

Incorporate chocolate chips into your pancake or waffle batter for a decadent breakfast treat. Top with whipped cream and more chocolate chips for an extra flourish.

valentine's day breakfast ideas

Chocolate Mole Sauce:

Experiment with the unique and complex flavors of mole sauce. This Mexican classic combines chocolate chips, spices, and chilies to create a rich and savory sauce, typically served with meat.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries:

Dip ripe strawberries into melted chocolate chips and let them cool. Chocolate covered strawberries are a classic and elegant dessert for special occasions.

chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate Granola

Mix chocolate chips into your homemade granola for a delightful, sweet crunch. It’s a great addition to yogurt or as a snack on its own.

recipes with chocolate chips that aren't cookies

Relevant Recipes 

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Our Favorite Recipes Using Chocolate Chips That Aren’t Cookies!

Craving chocolate chips but don't want another cookie? Check out our all time favorites for recipes that use chocolate chips in unique ways and none of them will be your favorite cookie recipe!

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