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The 4 of the Best Fresh Herbs For Fish Dishes

Learn how to use fresh herbs to take your fish dishes to the next level. We’re sharing some tips and tricks for the best herbs for creating delicious and flavorful meals!

Fresh herbs are an excellent way to enhance the delicate flavors of fish dishes. No matter the cooking methods, grilling, baking, or poaching your fish, using the right herbs can take your dish to the next level. 

When it comes to creating delicious fish dishes, fresh herbs can add a range of extra flavors and aromas.

Not only do herbs add flavor and texture, but the presentation of an elaborate dish with vibrant colors makes all the difference when it comes to pleasing guests.

Fish is one of the most versatile proteins you can cook with, and it pairs well with an array of herbs. Varieties of Basil, parsley, chives, dill, oregano, french tarragon, cilantro and rosemary are all excellent choices of the best herbs for fish.

Each herb offers its own unique flavor profile that can really transform a dish and make it even more enjoyable.

We’re sharing some tips and tricks for using the best herbs for fish to create delicious and flavorful fish dishes.

crab stuffed flounder

What Herbs Go with Fish?

Fresh Parsley

Parsley is often overlooked when it comes to cooking with herbs, but it should not be! Parsley provides a bright and slightly peppery taste that pairs perfectly with a variety of fish. Whether you’re poaching or pan-frying, parsley will help bring out the natural robust flavor of your fish dish. 

You can use both the stem and leaves when cooking – just finely mince the stem and sprinkle both over your cooked fish before serving. Parsley also works great as a garnish – simply snip off some sprigs and scatter them over your plate! 


Thyme is another great choice for fish dishes. It has a subtly sweet, earthy spice taste. It’s especially good when paired with richer cuts of fish like salmon or tuna steaks. The depth of flavor thyme adds makes it an excellent choice for grilling or roasting your favorite seafood recipe.


Dill is a great herb that adds a bright, zesty flavor to any dish – perfect for adding a bright note to any fish dish! Dill is a go-to herb for the fresh taste of fish. Dill is especially great when used in lighter recipes like salmon or trout filets, bringing out the delicate flavors of these types of fish without overpowering them.


If you’re looking for an herb with a bright and citrusy flavor, cilantro is the way to go. The bold, fresh flavor pairs well with the delicate flavor of fish and adds a pop of color too! Add freshly chopped cilantro leaves to any marinade or salsa recipe for an instant boost of flavor. 

Cilantro has a unique flavor that is both pungent and slightly sweet at the same time. It goes best with mild white fish and lighter fishes like tilapia or cod as its strong flavor will overpower more delicate flavors if used on fatty fish fillets like salmon or tuna. 

Cilantro is best used when chopped up and added during cooking; it provides a nice contrast against crispy skinned fishes like sea bass or red snapper when served as a garnish on top of the dish too!  

new england clam chowder

Relevant Recipes

herbs for fish

Here are some useful tips and tricks for using fresh herbs with fish:

Use fresh herbs. Fresh herbs have a stronger flavor and aroma than dried herbs, so always use fresh herbs whenever possible.

Add herbs at the right time. Add a delicate herb like basil or parsley towards the end of the cooking process to preserve their flavor and texture. Stronger herbs like rosemary and thyme can be added earlier.

Use herbs as a marinade. Create a marinade with fresh herbs, lemon juice, and olive oil to infuse flavor into the fish before cooking.

Mix fresh herbs with softened butter and use it as a butter sauce for grilled or baked fish.

Stuff whole fish with fresh herbs like thyme, parsley, and lemon slices to infuse the fish with flavor while cooking.

Use a sprig of herbs as a garnish. 

Experiment with different herb combinations to create unique flavor profiles, such as rosemary and lemon, or dill and mustard.

Incorporate fresh herbs like cilantro or basil into fish salads for an extra burst of flavor.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with different herbs and fish combinations and create your own spice blends.

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