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Camping Bingo Free Printable Game

Don’t forget to pack this fun free camping bingo game for your next campout! It’s the perfect game for kids of all ages!

My kids have really started to develop a love of camping over the last few years thanks to their scout troop. They sure go on some real camping adventures.

There are so many reasons to take the kids camping, but one of my favorites is just the quality time and screen-free family fun you get to spend with friends and family. We play some fun camping games like this picture bingo. We go on a camping trip every year, it’s a signal of the start of summer!

You don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun thanks to this printable bingo game.

One of our favorite camping games to play around the campsite is this fun camping bingo!

These free printable camping bingo boards are a creative spin on the classic bingo game!

it’s fun to watch the kids work together around the campsite to get a BINGO!

Bingo is such a fun game. If you aren’t sure how the game works, the first player to get a straight line on their game card is the winner! I love themed bingo cards and unique bingo boards, they’re such a fun way for the kids to relax and unwind. Let them get comfy in their camp chairs with a huge bowl of popcorn and get started on a little bingo game!

free camping bingo printable

When can you use this printable game?

  • family reunions
  • backyard campouts
  • road trips
  • scouting campouts
  • as a birthday party game (especially if you are having a party with a camping theme)
  • or have tons of fun right in your own backyard!

How to use this Camping Bingo Free Printable:

I highly suggest printing out your own bingo cards and then laminating them with an inexpensive home laminator. This way you can reuse these printables over and over again. Give each kid (or adult, hey no judging) a dry erase marker and maybe a clipboard and then off they go.

You can also use mini marshmallows or paper markers, other various objects or different items to keep mark off spots during your game of bingo. Don’t forget to mark your free space!

What about prizes?

I’ve done prizes for camping bingo a few different ways.

You could keep a small “treasure type” of box available with small prizes from the dollar store like stickers, bubbles, temporary tattoos, etc.

Or, you could give every winner a ticket and at the end of the camping trip, you pull a winner or winners to give a higher valued prize like maybe a small gift card to the trading post.

How to grab your free printable camping bingo cards

To get your free printable set click on the preview image so you can open up the printable PDFs or you can click the download link. Your free set has crisp images with brilliant color photos. These freebie sets are at no additional cost to you and are for your personal use.

I hope you have fun on your next camping trip with this Camping Bingo free printable!

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Wednesday 8th of June 2022

When I click the download link, it only shows one BINGO card. Am I doing something wrong?

momma lew

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

Hi, it is only 1 card.

Alison Kelly

Thursday 4th of June 2020

Such a cute idea! I love that some squares are just for fun and some are helpful! Thanks for the post!