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The Best Gifts for Steak Lovers

Find the perfect gift for meat lovers this year. Check out these 10 gifts for steak lovers this holiday season!

*This post is sponsored by Snake River Farms and contains affiliate links. 

Need some ideas for unique gifts for the steak lover in your life? Give the meat eater in your life the best meat they’ll ever get with these great steak gifts. 

There are so many different types of steak gift sets, but this list includes a few of our favorites. Steak lovers often have a huge range of preferences when it comes to the cut, the cooking process, and what they like to eat their steak with. Having good quality kitchen tools are are a must have for any home chef, along with great products like gourmet steaks.

We’ve compiled a list of various gifts for steak lovers, which we hope might make your search for potential gifts a little bit easier. These are some of the best gift ideas for any special occasion for the hardcore carnivore.

10 Best Gifts for Steak Lovers

A Meat Subscription Right to Your Front Door

Foodies, home cooks and steak lovers will love a subscription box from Snake River Farms

Subscription boxes are the hottest thing right now. They make great gifts! You can purchase a small or large box that comes monthly or one that comes every three months for up to one year. There are three choices: Beef, Beef & Pork, or Dry-Aged Beef.

Each subscription includes new recipes and easy-to-follow cooking techniques every month, perfect for novice chefs who are just learning how to prepare grilled steaks like pros or or even serious grillers!

Snake River Farms Hand Curated Bundles

Snake River Farms’ American Kobe (Wagyu) beef is a regular in Michelin starred restaurants, making it a high-quality gift idea for the steak lover in your life. You’ll find choice selections of meat and an offering of butcher-style cuts of meat like American Wagyu steaks, New York Strip, Filet Mignon and more to help you make some Michelin rated recipes in your very own kitchen for steak nights, delighting your taste buds.

Seasoning Gift Pack 

Add flavor to any cut of meat with this seasoning collection: Steak Seasoning, Rosemary Roast Seasoning, Santa Maria Seasoning and Perfect Pork Rub.

gifts for steak lovers


Steak lovers will enjoy working at their grill, stove or smoker with this apron that offers style and comfort.

gifts for steak lovers

Yeti Cooler 

Keep things cool with a Yeti Cooler. This soft cooler colds 13 cans and 16 pounds of ice, perfect for the grillmaster! 

gifts for steak lovers

Pocket Thermometer 

Every home cook needs an accurate meat thermometer to properly cook steaks. 

gifts for steak lovers

Butcher Paper 

Buy a roll of the same high quality butcher paper used by winners on the competitive barbecue circuit. Oh for fun, this is the perfect wrapping paper for steak lovers! 

gifts for steak lovers

A Quality Knife Set 

A set of high quality steak knives to smoothly slice into a piece of meat is a great gift idea. Choose a set that will stay sharp longer which means investing in better steel or softer stainless steel knives. 

A Cast Iron Pan 

Unless you live in a climate where the sun is always shining, most steak lovers won’t be able to throw their favorite cut of meat on the grill whenever they’d like to. The best way to ensure a delicious sear on your steak is with a cast iron pan. 

A Meat Tenderizer

A meat tenderizer is a must-have for any steak connoisseur. This kitchen utensil is used to break down the tough fibers in meats.


Gift cookbooks full of delicious recipes created by leading chefs in the industry. 

carving wagyu beef

Be sure to head to Snake River Farms’ website to find some amazing gifts for steak lovers today!

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