Finlandia Imported Butter (Plus a $25 ShopRite Gift Card Giveaway)

Finlandia Imported Butter

Finlandia Imported Butter As a self-proclaimed foodie, I am very picky about my ingredients.  Believe it or not, something as simple as the butter you use can through off your entire recipe!  This week I made the choice Finlandia Imported Butter.  The taste of this premium European butter is something you have to experience on your own! Butter is in!  Finlandia Imported butter offers a premium experience in taste and texture and creaminess.  Small Finish family-owned farms are the start {Read More}

Sausage and Kale Ragu with Butternut Squash noodles

Sausage and Kale Ragu with Butternut Squash noodles

Sausage and Kale Ragu with Butternut Squash noodles A must have in every kitchen is Ali Maffucci’s Inspiralized cookbook and an inspiralizer!  I am enjoying using my inspiralizer to make fresh noodles out of zucchini, beets, squash and more. Have you tried Zoodles yet?  They are my favorite! Zoodles may end up being pushed aside though for these delicious Butternut Squash noodles!  I have to share this amazing recipe for  Sausage and Kale Ragu with Butternut Squash noodles. Print Sausage {Read More}

Best Western’s Mom Me-Time Sweepstakes


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Best Western. All opinions are 100% mine. Best Western is looking to reward busy moms who spend too much time traveling for work and not enough time traveling for fun! Help us get the word out about the Mom Me-time sweepstakes and encourage your readers to nominate a hard-working mom who deserves a break! One lucky mom will win five nights in any Best Western hotel and a $2,500 {Read More}

I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Off My Prozac – My Tale of Postpartum Depression

postpartum depression

I’m sorry For What I Said When I Was Off My Prozac – My Tale of Postpartum Depression It started the moment I woke up from my c-section.  I went from being the happiest pregnant woman on the face of the Earth to being so disengaged, I didn’t even want to hold my newborn baby.  I cried….a lot, those first three days of motherhood.  I figured I’d get over it.  After all, I had always wanted to be a mother.  {Read More}

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Products

bamboo baby

Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Products When I was shopping for items for my babies, I was blown away at how rough and scratchy most of the fabrics were for bibs, burp cloths and wash cloths.  When I am buying baby shower and new baby gifts now for friends, I love to buy products that are soft and natural for their baby’s skin.  Bamboo is a great fabric option and Brooklyn Bamboo Baby has been my go-to brand. Made from hypoallergenic organic {Read More}

The Adventures of Pajama Girl

Adventures of Pajama Girl

The Adventures of Pajama Girl I absolutely love finding new books for the kids to read!  Have you heard of The Adventures of Pajama Girl ?  It’s the perfect book to read at a sleepover! The Adventures of Pajama Girl is about Ellie’s magical cupcake pajamas and how they lead the way for Ellie and her sister to journey to a land full of sweet treats! Once they arrive, they embark on an adventure to help the Cupcake Queen find her {Read More}

Essential Oils Giveaway

essential oils giveaway

Essential Oils   Sponsored by: Nature’s Own Essence Hosted by: FoodnService Essential Oils have been used for many centuries for many different types of ailments: Colds, Allergies, Body Pains, Headaches, Mood stabilization, and more! Nature’s Own Essence saw a need for providing a quality product for people to use. Nature’s Own Essence has a Commitment to researching and providing superior products comes directly out of this desire and pursuit for something that would help him relax and achieve balance after {Read More}

A Very Special Disney Side Party

Disney Side

A Very Special Disney Side Party A few weeks ago I shared with you our unboxing video of our #DisneySide party supplies! After a horrible snowy and sick winter, our Disney Side party just did not turn out like I had hoped.  You know how you have big plans (thanks Pinterest?) and they just don’t pan out?  Oh well.  You make the best of what you can, right? Thankfully, my good friend Sarah’s nephew, Logan, was turning 1 and he {Read More}

15 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

lavender oil

15 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil The second essential oil I have decided to try is Lavender Oil.  I love the smell of lavender.  It’s so relaxing and soothing.  Over the last month, we decided to remove dyes and sugars from my daughter’s diet (stay tuned on that) and I have been using Nature’s Own Essence Lavender Oil to calm her down at night or times when she was accidentally given a dye or too much sugar.  Lavender is such {Read More}

15 Uses for Peppermint Oil

15 Uses for Peppermint Oil

15 Uses for Peppermint Oil For months now, I have been intrigued by Essential Oils.  I have seen many of my friends using them for a variety of uses from health benefits to cleaning purposes to even as recipe ingredients! I figured I’d start off with some basic oils.  With my Celiac, I found Peppermint Oil to have some wonderful healing qualities for many of symptoms like joint pain, GI issues and brain fog.  On just a basic level in {Read More}