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Serve up the Sweet and Savory Scones your Family Will Love

These sweet and savory scones from Seven Sisters Scones are perfect for anytime and they’re made by a family of bakers with a wide variety of delicious flavors.

seven sister scones

The joy of giving and receiving gifts is one of the most pleasurable feelings you can experience. And did you know that you can do both by serving the whole family these sweet and savory scones for breakfast?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day which plays a big part in how your day will start. Some of us want salty or savory food in the morning, and some crave and are ready for sweets! But hey, I know we must all share something everyone loves and agrees on and that is — good food!

About Seven Sisters Scones

Seven Sisters Scones, just like the name says, is a family business offering a wide variety of delicious scones. It started as a nutritious, flavorful breakfast option for Hala’s family. Hala Yassine is a baker and one of the 7 sisters who founded the Seven Sisters Scones.

Their friends and family were delighted with their made-from-scratch scones, and eventually, the demand for them have grown. They love sharing these treats locally, and after some time, they are shipping their scones nationwide! It’s that amazing!

Scones come in different flavors, sizes, and varieties!

Seven Sisters Scones also offers vegan gluten-free scones so you can also give them to your vegan friends. Oh, and did I mention that they offer different treats? Products such as cookies, bars, jams, and many more!

You can choose to try their products first by buying samplers for yourself and as a gift. You can also choose the best thing — to get a subscription, to allow giving gifts, or enjoying it yourself for a longer period of time. A gift card is also an amazing option that lets somebody pick out the flavors they want to try.

These are definitely the perfect gift anyone could ever ask for.

Scones fit perfectly for any occasion we could ever think of. A great birthday present, a lovely and thoughtful Valentine’s gift, a delicious Holiday bonus, and a warming offering or a delightful and healthier monthly breakfast option for you.

Seven Sisters Scones care about YOU, which is why their main feature and everyone’s favorite is the CREATE YOUR OWN box feature. The freedom to customize products you want to include in your box. Find the perfect mix and match of flavored scones and treats you want to gift your loved ones.

Need I say more or are you ready to get sconed?

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