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Household Appliance Repair is Less Intimidating with Sears PartsDirect

Household Appliance Repair is Less Intimidating with Sears PartsDirect

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears PartsDirect. All opinions are my own. 

Do it yourself household appliance repair is made easy and affordable thanks to Sears PartsDirect. Read about how this online access point for repair parts and accessories from every major brand helped my family!

As a busy family of 4, we are always cooking or washing something. I always say I feel bad for our appliances because they sure do get a workout! When an appliance malfunctions or breaks, it really can send my entire household in a tizzy. Just the thought of dirty laundry piling up gets my heart rate going! 

I don’t think I have to explain to anyone how costly household appliance repair can be, ranging in price from $150 to $240, just to inspect your appliance! Many homeowners often jump to the conclusion that they need a whole new appliance. Your brain automatically goes to thinking how expensive it will be to call an appliance repairman. 

In fact, this situation has happened to us when our two year old dryer stopped warming up. I do a lot of research to find just the right appliance for our family, so when something stops working, I go into a panic not knowing what I will buy. The thought of tackling our repairs on our own seemed very intimidating! 

I was so happy when a friend told me about Sears PartsDirect and how easy they were to use to make household appliance repairs ourselves! On Sears PartsDirect, you will find repair parts and accessories from every major brand, regardless of where it was purchased. You can really stretch your dollar by completing in-home repair projects on your own and Sears PartsDirect make that very easy to do.

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A quick search on Sears PartsDirect’s DIY Help section gave us some common dryer symptoms and there are some very helpful videos troubleshooting the issues. I am very much a visual learner, so the step-by-step videos are something I love. I am able to stop, pause and resume right where I need to be to make a repair. There is also no guesswork in the parts you will need to make your repairs, with your Sears PartsDirect listing every tool and part needed to get your appliance functional again. 

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Believe it or not, most repairs needed are very simple and low cost. For example, the thermal fuse that blew in my dryer, cost $10.95 to fix, came in less than 2 days and took about 15 minutes to fix. Can’t beat that! Oh and in the event that you ended up ordering the wrong replacement parts for your appliances, no worries, there is a 365 day return policy. 


An important part of owning household appliances is preventative maintenance and you can find items to take care of that as well on Sears PartsDirect. For example, dryer lint brushes, washer cleaners, new hoses and more. And if you are someone like me who loses manuals all the time, you can download manuals and installation guides. 

From electronics to lawn and garden equipment, you will find genuine parts from the original manufacturers on Sears PartsDirect. Be sure to visit Sears PartsDirect for all of your home and lawn maintenance needs! 

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