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School Lunch Ideas that Aren’t Sandwiches!

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Sandwiches during lunchtime? They’re ok, in a pinch. But you want to give your kids a nutritious, filling, and thoughtful lunch. Why not branch out and think a little outside the “box” (no pun intended) and come up with some creative lunch ideas.  

It doesn’t hurt to have a little variety in their lunch life – without the sandwiches, of course! There are plenty of choices and these ideas should help you and also get you thinking about other lunches you can make for your kids.

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stop & Shop. All opinions are mine. 

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So, get your lunch boxes ready, and let’s prepare those amazing lunches!

School Lunch Ideas that Aren’t Sandwiches!


It’s rare to find a kid who doesn’t love a quesadilla. They are great with a few slices of avocado or even guacamole, pineapple chunks, with some tortilla chips on the side.

It’s quick and easy as well as nutritious, all the boxes are checked with this one.

Spring Rolls

All you need are some large lettuce leaves and you can easily create some spring rolls that are fun to eat. You can fill your wrapper with pork, shrimp, or tofu.

The fun thing about spring rolls is that you can involve your kids and ask for their ideas when you’re making them. You can even make some packed with a handful of blueberries, cubed cheese, or chocolate bars.

Food On A Stick

You can be playful and creative with this one and your kids will love these kinds of lunches. You can make beef skewers, chicken satays, or sausage kebabs. Your imagination is all that limits you on this one.

Make sure that the sticks fit inside your kid’s lunch box and use the blunt ended sticks. Add some sliced mango, sliced cucumbers, and even a pickle to make it more delicious.

Breakfast For Lunch

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner, but what about breakfast for lunch? In the morning, simply make some extra for your kid’s lunch box.

You can add pancakes, hard-boiled eggs, and even sausages for your student’s lunch. Throw some fruits into it and your child will love it.

Hummus and Pita

Ever thought of Hummus for lunch? Hummus is a plant based protein that is packed with minerals and vitamins, so why not give it a go?

A quick tip: Dipping will be much easier if the hummus is packed in a separate container. You can also throw some olives, baby tomatoes, and grapes in the mix for a nutritious lunch.

Cheese, Fruit, & Lunch Meat Skewers 

The sky’s the limit here.  Anything your child enjoys is great as a skewer. You can make them with assorted cheeses, lunch meats, and fruit.

Add some crackers and celery for added crunch and you have a complete meal.

For the Thermos

Chili:  last night’s chili will be perfect for cooler weather, just add a few crackers and maybe some cheese and your child will love it.

Soup:  heating up soup for your child’s thermos on a cold or rainy day will warm them up and make them feel cozy, even in the lunchroom at school.

No matter what you put in your child’s lunch box, just remember to add a little love from home. Add a note to help them through the rest of the day and give them a boost. You won’t be sorry and they will remember that for years to come.

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Gina B

Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

These are fantastic ideas! I'm always running out of new things for my girls to bring to school Thanks!

Sherry Blamer

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

These are some great ideas. My daughter occasionally packs her lunch.

Amber Kolb

Tuesday 1st of October 2019

I love these ideas, thank you!! I didn't even think about quesadillas!


Monday 30th of September 2019

These are nifty lunch ideas! My granddaughter would love quesadillas!