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Free Printable Gift Tags for NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch Offs

These adorable and festive New Jersey Lottery scratch off gift tags are perfect for holiday gifting! The best part? They’re totally free to download, print and use. Gift them to your friends & family this holiday season!

​​*Thank you to the NJ Lottery for providing the holiday scratch-offs and for sponsoring this post. 

Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or last minute holiday gift? Give the gift of luck with these free printable lottery gift tags!  These are perfect for anyone who loves to play the lotto, or maybe there’s just someone you want to give a little extra love to this holiday season.  

nj lottery holiday scratch offs

A small act can make all the difference in someone’s day and I hope that your loved ones will enjoy these adorable tags as much as I do.

Print them out on card stock and use your favorite wrapping paper or ribbon to create the perfect gift that will make any lottery winner smile this holiday season!

lottery free printable gift tags
lottery free printable gift tags
lottery free printable gift tags
lottery free printable gift tags

These New Jersey Lottery Holiday themed scratch offs are fun and festive for all! They can be a great stocking stuffer or party favor for anyone on your holiday shopping list over the age of 18.

The New Jersey Lottery is introducing 4 Holiday Scratch-Offs ($1, $2, $5 Happy Holidays, and $10- $1,00,000 Spectacular). 

nj lottery holiday scratch offs

Scratch-Offs offer the wonder of receiving an unwrapped gift, entertaining game play with potential large cash payouts that won’t require any wrapping whatsoever.

The possibilities here seem endless so make sure not miss this opportunity by checking out our scratch off lottery tickets today at local lottery retailers like Wawa, QuickCheck, 7-Eleven or your favorite lottery retailer. 

momma lew reesa lewandowski with nj lottery scratch offs

For more information visit New Jersey Lottery.

Disclaimer: You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER®.

Who will you gift these NJ Lottery scratch offs to this year? What would you do if you won on a NJ Lottery Holiday instant ticket? 

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