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Fun First Day Of School Photo Ideas

Fun First Day Of School Photo Ideas

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The first day of school is coming up fast and as a parent, you always want to remember each year’s first day for your kids.

What’s the best way to document your child’s first day of school? By taking a memorable photo, of course! It will be really fun to look back at these photos once your children grow up, for you and for them and their kids.

Here are some fun first day of school photo ideas for you to try!


Most of the time, we see the ordinary “First Day Of School” written on chalkboards so let’s level up our game a notch, shall we?

Why not try something like “Here We Go Again!” or “I’ll be good at school, Mom!”?

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Another cute way for you to take note of your kid’s first day of school is by using balloons.

You can write “First Day of School 2019” on a balloon color of your choice.

It’s also a fun way to surprise your kids in the morning while they’re getting ready for school. It’s a fun way to get rid of those first day of school jitters, because who can’t help but smile when they are given a balloon! 

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Chalk on the Sidewalk

You can also make use of the sidewalk as your big chalkboard to tell the story.

Spell out the first day of school or the grade your kids are entering using different chalk colors.

Take a quick candid photo of your child with the sidewalk as the foreground.  They can even have them lay down next to your artwork and you can take the pic above them.

Photo Credit: Paging Fun Mums


Peg Board

Personalize your child’s first day of school with a bright and colorful peg board like this one from Yoobi! After the first day of school, use it in your child’s room for a fun place to add quotes or daily inspiration! 

Large Frame

You can easily make your own frame out of cardboard and decorate it with paint or art paper.

Just spell out the first day of whatever grade they are going into and have your child hold it around their head.

Save the frame and once the school year is done, you can change it to the last day of school photo frame.

Colorful Banner

Creating a banner is becoming popular for parties right now but you can also make one for the first day of school photos.

Just create a banner showing the year your kids are starting and start taking great photos while they’re having fun holding it.

Photo Credit: Ruffled Sunshine

Of course, getting ready for the first day of school is so much more than a pretty photo! How about surprising your child’s teacher with a thoughtful gift bag or some supplies

And of course, the kids need to eat! If they get tired of sandwiches everyday, you have to check out my 20 make ahead lunch ideas for some inspiration! Don’t forget to leave a little note or joke in their lunchbox! 

What other first days of school photo ideas do you have in mind?

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