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The Best Place to Buy Eye Glasses Online

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After I had my second child, my eyes increasingly changed. I noticed that the biggest change was trying to see distance was really hard now, mostly driving was a problem. I spent my whole life with 20/20 vision, so this was all new to me!

I couldn’t get over how expensive glasses were! Or how hard it could be to find glasses that I liked! I am so glad that finally after all of these years, I found EyeBuyDirect!

The Best Place to Buy Eye Glasses Online

What is EyeBuyDirect?

EyeBuyDirect is a one-stop online optical shop for contemporary men’s and women’s eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Established in 2006, the brand champions bold style choices so customers can see the world in a whole new way and change how the world sees them.
To provide customers with over 1000 affordable frames, EyeBuyDirect conducts the entire process from concept, design, to manufacturing. EyeBuyDirect offers fashionable frames starting at just $6. Through their Buy1Give1 program, a pair of eyeglasses is donated to someone in need for every order placed.
The fun part about using EyeBuyDirect was uploading my picture and seeing all of the glasses I liked on my face! The practical part? Picking out glasses that were affordable!
All you need is an up to date prescription from your eye doctor! Be sure to check out their new Spring Fling line that is being debuted on January 25th!

Discount Code

Use Code MOMMALEW20 which is good for 20% off your order! Learn more at:

Have you ever bought eye glasses online?

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Monday 11th of March 2019

I really need to go get a new pair! My left eye is getting weaker I think. But I want "hip" glasses too! I will have to check out this website! Thanks.

Dorothy Boucher

Sunday 10th of March 2019

Thanks for sharing your opinion on this, i'll have to check this place out because I will soon need another pair of glasses, The last place I went we ended paying $400 all because of my eyes are sensitive to light. @tisonlyme143

Tamra Phelps

Saturday 9th of March 2019

This is interesting. I need new glasses and I've been thinking of trying an online service. I'll check it out.

Paula Ball

Thursday 7th of March 2019

Been needing new glasses but I can't find frames I like anywhere. Never occurred to me to shop online for them.


Wednesday 13th of February 2019

I could use a new pair of frames - I love the variety of colors.