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4 Reasons I am Loving Doorstep Meals

4 Reasons I am Loving Doorstep Meals

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Save time and money with Doorstep Meals! Have delicious high quality frozen meals delivered to your doorstep, free from preservatives, high in protein and all natural.

*Thank you to Doorstep Meals for sponsoring this post.

doorstep meals

I get it, life is busy, fast and hard. Most days, I feel like I am being pulled in five different directions between working from home, remote learning and everyday life. It’s hard sometimes to get a meal on the table, let alone a healthy meal!

I’ve tried a few meal companies in the past, and let’s just say they have been less than stellar. When Doorstep Meals reached out to me to give them a try, I checked out their website and they just seemed different. And boy was I right.

The convenience of having healthy choices has never been easier thanks to Doorstep Meals!

doorstep meals

Chef Prepared & Doctor Designed

Doorstep Meals are fully prepared, high quality meals that are chef prepared and doctor designed. Unique to this meal company is a partnership with one of the country’s leading medical doctors, Dr. Alex Smithers, to create the Healthy Life System.

Between my kids’ picky eating, my husband’s diabetes and me trying to eat healthier, making meals can be stressful! I love being able to pull a Doorstep Meal out of the freezer and have a delicious meal ready in minutes.

Doorstep Meals

Good for you!

Their meals are low calorie and contain no preservatives. Every ingredient can be pronounced. And you can taste that difference!

doorstep meals
doorstep meals

Save time!

There are 35+ different meal options to choose from, including meals to fit diets like Keto or Paleo. You will also find 2 different portion sizes.

With the average meal taking about 37 minutes to prep, cook and clean up, Doorstep Meals take just 3 minutes to get on the table, giving you more time to spend on what’s important to you!

And the convenience of delivery to your doorstep means less trips to the grocery.

doorstep meals

No more wasting food

Doorstep Meals are made fresh every week, then flash frozen to stay fresh longer and lock in nutrients. Our favorites so far? The surf & turf, Skinny Fajita Skillet, the Keto Breakfast Burger and Steak with Cowboy Butter.
And they are less expensive than buying the ingredients yourself.

My husband keeps some in the freezer at work to have on hand and he even took some on a recent fishing trip! Everyone was amazed at how easy it was to pop his meal into the freezer and how delicious it looked!!!

Grab Doorstep Meals for your Family

Purchase a meal plan and earn a free meal! You will be able to choose an extra meal at checkout and your account will be credited 250 reward points which is equivalent to a free meal.

Order here!

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