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Don’t Miss Fall Treats at Disney World

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If you’re planning to visit Walt Disney World this fall, you don’t want to miss out on the seasonal treats the parks have to offer! Read below for the don’t miss fall treats at Disney World!

Don’t Miss Fall Treats at Disney World

As much as I love the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World theme parks, and I love them a lot my friends, the treats come in at a very close second. If ever there was a time to indulge, it’s at Disney World. No matter which park you’re visiting, you’re sure to find a tasty treat to your liking. And the seasonal treats, like the ones available in fall, are some of the best! I love seeing what each and every season has to offer at Disney World and there are some return treats that I always wait for…

Five Festive Fall Treats to Try at Disney World

1. Halloween candy / caramel apples: I’ve yet to meet a caramel apple I didn’t love and that goes double when they’re decorated for Halloween! If you haven’t had one, Disney’s caramel apples are divine!

2. Halloween crispy treats: Much like their apples, Disney’s crispy treats are second-to-none. I typically get a bag of rice crispy balls whenever I visit, but in the fall I always get the Halloween version. What’s cuter than candy corn crispy treats?

3. Halloween cupcakes: No matter what park or resort you’re visiting in the fall, you’re sure to find an Insta worthy Halloween cupcake. From pumpkins to bats, and even mummies, the cuppies do not disappoint.


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Amuck, amuck, amuck cupcake! ???????????? . . . Trick -or-treat candy cupcake with peanut butter chips, chocolate candy bits, and toffee filled with caramel sauce. Iced with chocolate buttercream and topped with a chocolate cauldron. ???????????? . . . MUST. HAVE! . . . #amuckamuckamuck #sandersonsisters #disney #magickingdom #notsoscaryhalloweenparty #mainstreetusa #mainstreetbakery #disneylife #disneyfoodies #disneyeats #disneytreats #disneyig #disney #disneypic #disneylove #disneyparks #disneymagic #disneyvillains #disneymagic

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4. Halloween cake pops: If you want a fall treat on a smaller scale, a cake pop is the way to go. Disney’s bite sized pops are too cute for words and as yummy as they are festive. I’m always a sucker for the Halloween Mickey ears pops!

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte: Ok, you can get one of these anytime and anywhere, but can you get one in a setting as festive as Disney World in the fall? What’s more charming than sipping on a PSL while taking in Disney’s swoon-worthy Halloween decorations?


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Look at ???? Chocolate Mickey waffle Sundae! Perfect dessert for you to enjoy #mnsshp Two Black Chocolate Mickey waffles topped with Pumpkin Gelato, Candy Corn Carmel Sauce, and Sprinkles is 6.49 at Sleepy Hollow. ???? * * *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* * * ハロウィン イベントの特別メニューが今年も色々でてますが、結構美味しかったのでこちら。 Chocolate Mickey waffle Sundae! チョコレート味のミッキー ワッフルにパンプキン味のジュラートに生クリーム、キャンディー コーン、スプリンクルがのっていて$6.49がSleepy Hollowで売っています。なかなか真っ黒なミッキーワッフルを食べる機会は????ないと思うのでノット ソー スケアリー ハロウィン パーティー 行く人は試してみて下さいね。 * * #waltdisney #waltdisneyworld #wdwislife #disneyfood #disneyfoodie #orlando #disneyfoodies #magickingdom #disneyig #disneygram #disneyside #disney写真部 #nowmorethanever #ウォルトディズニー #ウォルトディズニーワールド #海外ディズニー #フロリダディズニー #フロリダディズニーワールド #ディズニーフード #パークフード #ミッキーワッフル #マジックキングダム #ミッキー

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So, there you have, a few of my don’t miss fall treats at Disney World. There really are so many more! These are just some of my favorite classic fall treats, but, seriously, there are a slew of options. Every year they add something new to their seasonal menu! I like to make a game of it and see how many new treats I can try! Last year it was the candy corn milkshake…What will it be this year?

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