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Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Stove in Preparation for the upcoming Holiday Season

Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Stove in Preparation for the upcoming Holiday Season

Follow these tips to ensure that your oven is clean and ready to go when you want it for holiday cooking. You’ll be able to cook with confidence knowing your stove will do its job!

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During the holiday season, your oven is one of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen. It can be a superhero for all those hours it’s on at high heat baking cookies or roasting meat. But that doesn’t mean it won’t need some TLC when its workday is done! 

Keeping your oven clean can be difficult when you’re already running around like crazy with all that needs done during these festive holidays. No one wants to cook food inside an unclean oven so before cooking up any meals for Thanksgiving day make sure you give your oven some TLC. 

Cleaning your stove is an important part of the home-cleaning process. One that often gets overlooked. Keeping your stove clean not only ensures you’re cooking in a safe space, but it also helps to maintain its overall appearance and keep grease down off of the floor. 

Keep reading for tips on how to properly clean your stove in preparation for the upcoming holidays. It’s an easy process but has many steps that are essential for a sparkling clean stove.

How to Clean your Oven

There are many reasons for an unclean oven. If you’ve baked fish and meat, it could leave behind a sticky residue that sticks to the bottom of your oven. 

You might also encounter some stains in your oven if you use grease when baking something like french fries or doughnuts at high temperatures (around 350 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Another cause for an unclean oven is just regular build-up from dirt and dust over time.

Tips for Cleaning Your Oven

It is important to remember that not all ovens are created equal. The instructions in your owner’s manual will provide the best way for you to clean and care for your unique oven, so it lasts as long as possible! 

There are countless tools and supplies that will aid in the cleaning process, but these five products ought to come with you:

  • A simple towel is a must for any clean-up job – it absorbs water droplets off of surfaces as well as your hands from wiping up spills before they seep through fabric onto wood or tile flooring below. 
  • Brush with long handle is helpful when scrubbing out pots and pans while wearing gloves so not to get burnt by steam rising off hot dishes just removed from oven racks during cooking time; 
  • rubber gloves protect skin against harsh chemical cleaners like bleach which can be harmful if contact occurs on sensitive areas such as face or eyes without proper protection; 
  • A sponge (or cloth) works efficiently for scrubbing stains.

It is important to never use a metal brush or abrasive pad on your kitchen appliances. Scratching the surface of ovens and stoves will eventually make them look dirty, old, and worn out quickly.

Cleaning Oven Parts

If you’re going to clean the oven, it’s important that you know what each part does. 

First off, racks are found all over and they hold pots and pans for cooking food. If there is a door with glass in your oven then take note of this because these doors will help maintain heat during cleaning. 

There should also be control panels which have buttons or knobs on them like temperature setting knobs or power switches; make sure those stay turned off as well when doing any kind of major cleanup!

Having a cleaning routine is the key to keeping your oven looking great and will save you hours of work.  It’s also important for safety reasons too, because you don’t want dangerous fumes hanging around in there!

Oven knobs, control panels and handles should be cleaned daily with a food safe all-purpose cleaner. If any of these surfaces get dirty during meal preparation, wipe immediately to prevent food build up. 

Oven racks should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Using a food safe all-purpose cleaner concentrate mixed with warm water and an oven cleaning brush will help get the job done. I highly recommend you remove the racks from the oven and clean where you have the room. I like to do it outside. Scrub your racks, wipe dry with a clean rag and put them back in the oven. 

If you don’t have a commercial food safe all-purpose cleaner, you can use a homemade vinegar and water cleaner with a 1:1 ratio of water to vinegar.

How to clean an oven using baking soda and vinegar

Keep it mind, if there is a lot of build up in your oven this method may not work. 

If there are dirty areas in your oven, you can use a soft sponge or a cloth dipped into some warm water with baking soda. Rub the surface gently so that you do not scratch it. You may also want to take an old toothbrush or small brush and scrub the dirt away more effectively. Rinse the area with warm water. Now, take a sponge dipped in 1:1 ratio of water to vinegar and wipe your oven’s surface. After wiping it well, wash the area with warm water then pat dry.

How to clean an oven using commercial cleaners

Commercial cleaners are always my last resort when I am ready to clean the oven. If you have tried other methods and you want to make sure that your oven is thoroughly cleaned, you may want to use a commercial oven cleaner. 

You need to make sure that the product is safe for your type of oven’s material before proceeding with its application. Double check your owner’s manual for complete information. If you cannot find yours, you can find a huge variety of owner’s manuals at Sears Parts Direct.

Using commercial cleaners could be a lengthy process especially if there are major areas in your oven which need attention. You also need to be careful since some cleaners could have strong fumes and if you are medically fragile or experience chemical sensitivity, you should consider hiring someone to assist you during the cleaning process.

It’s essential that you follow the instructions provided by your oven manufacturer and the chemical company to ensure you are safely cleaning your oven. 

If you are always working in the kitchen and your oven is used often, then cleaning it once every week should be sufficient. Otherwise with normal use, you can clean it once a month. It is also important that you make sure to remove the dirt in your oven’s racks regularly . This will help your oven work more efficiently and last longer.

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