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How Eyewear is Helping Me Enjoy Summer!

How Eyewear is Helping Me Enjoy Summer! offers a wide variety of sunglasses and eyeglasses that are stylish and affordable! Whether you’re looking for something to help you brave the sun or just make life more enjoyable, this site has something for you.

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This summer I am all about getting out and having fun! Whether it be hiking, traveling, or just enjoying the sun – I am excited to get out of this house and explore the world.

Each of us has a summer bucket list that we are excited to check off. I’ve been getting out and having fun by going to the beach, taking road trips, and making memories with my family.

Just one downside: this past year, my eyesight has really taken a nosedive and has become really sensitive to the sun!

This summer, I added a pair of prescription sunglasses to my wardrobe. The last thing I wanted to do this summer was waste a beautiful day searching for the perfect pair of glasses. So, I was thrilled to find Befitting

Can you believe you can order prescription glasses right online? From wherever you are, on your phone or computer? I did and I couldn’t be more thrilled thanks to 

Befitting is an online premium eyewear retailer with all the brands you know and love and with the quality and style to meet every budget. Who says you can’t be stylish and on a budget? Befitting is devoted to helping you find the best pair of glasses for your look all at an affordable price.

You are going to love the amazing collections of eyewear and the convenience that Befitting offers!

I never realized how much I would enjoy my prescription sunglasses from until summer started!

How does Befitting work? 

Befitting knows how busy life is as a parent, so they made sure you have the convenience of purchasing the perfect style of prescription eyewear online. 

First, you scroll through an array of looks and styles and rate them based on if you “like it”, “love it”, or “don’t like”. Honestly? The hardest part about this was narrowing things down, because I am sure I had way too many “love it” options. Which let’s just say is a huge difference from buying glasses at a brick and mortar store. 

There are options for women, men and kids. If you have kids who wear glasses like I do, you will be super excited about that, because you know how tortuous it is to shop for glasses for them. 

Befitting does free shipping and if you happen to find a cheaper price elsewhere, they price match. 

Befitting accepts insurance, so you can use your vision plan! Just toggle your selections to “shop with insurance”.

Worried you won’t like what you picked out? No worries because you can try your glasses 30 days risk free and there are free returns. 

How Wearing my Prescription Sunglasses Has Changed my Summer

Like I said, we’ve been making the most of the summer. From the beach to backyard BBQ’s and road trips, my prescription sunglasses from have made enjoying the summer that much easier. 

As I grow closer to my 40s, my eyes are more sensitive to the sun. Thank goodness that it’s an option for UV protection! Taking care of myself while looking and feeling great? That’s a win-win in my book!

Ready to shop? 

Befitting has an array of styles and brands, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and lenses. I was shocked to find some trendy styles from brands like Ray-Ban, Nike, Oakley, Vogue, Lacoste. Calvin Klein and much more. 

Befitting is your one-stop shop for the best pair of glasses to express who you are. With a wide variety of affordable styles, Befitting has something stylish for every budget!

Excludes Ray-Bans, Oakleys and coating on lenses. 

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