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Keep Your Dog Happy with a Bark Box!

Keep Your Dog Happy with a Bark Box!

Check out our unboxing of this month’s Bark Box! We love Bark Box to keep our dog happy and entertained with their toys, chews and treats!

So how do you keep your dog entertained while your home quarantined? Yes, even the dog so schedule is off and bored!

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With dog parks closed, bad weather, unable to meet up with friends for doggy play dates and much more, my dog has ants in her pants! Plus, she isn’t getting enough naps during the day now with us all home, which makes her over tired and her circuits overloaded!

Because we are unable to get to the store right now, I signed up for my dog to get a monthly bark box! There’s something new for your dog to enjoy every month!

Here’s what you will find in your Bark Box every month:

bark box

  • 2 toys – I love how Bark Box’s toys are high quality, made with unique materials for mind-blowing play time for your dog.
  • 2 full bags of treats – they’re all natural and made in either America or Canada. The treats never have any wheat, corn or soy.
  • An all-natural chew made out of high quality.
  • A fun theme! How fun is it to open up your box or have you dog rip into the box and be surprised every month!

bark box

Our theme this month was dedicated to our friends in Australia. Which we thought was awesome since we have an Australian Cattle Dog. You may have heard about the awesome dog Bear who found Koalas in the recent brush fires and bring them to safety. Bark Box donated $25,000 to IFAW’s Koala Dog Detection Program!

Oh and if your dog is allergic to something, you need tougher made toys and or if you have more than one dog, just let Bark Box know!

Ready to give Bark Box a try for your dog? Sign up here!

And if you find yourself out of dog treats, make your furry friend these homemade sweet potato and peanut butter treats!

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