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8 Things to do to Make Your Holidays Easier

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As moms, it seems like making sure the holiday season is perfect and magical all falls on our shoulders. It can be a lot to deal with at times, but it’s important to remember that in 10, 20 years from now what the kids will remember is how special and magical it was because of you! 

We all go through moments where we get stressed out over all of the things we need to do. So, I am here to help you with some great ideas on things you can do to make the holidays easier on everyone. 

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Stop & Shop

8 Things to do to Make Your Holidays Easier

Thankfully, I am super lucky to have a Stop & Shop near by to help keep the hectic, holiday frenzy at bay! They’re a one-stop-shop for all your holiday needs. Everyone assumes a supermarket is just for food, but you can find holiday decorations, poinsettias, wreaths, string lights, gifts and gift wrap and more to make your holidays easier! 

Stock up on wrapping paper, gift tags and tape. Keep everything in a designated gift wrapping station or area so you always know where they are. Wrap your gifts as you buy them or receive them in the mail so you aren’t scrambling last minute to get everything wrapped. 

Stock your pantry! This time of the year I love to invite friends and family over. Whether it’s for an impromptu get together or our annual Christmas dinner. Because of this, I never want to find I don’t have what I need in my pantry! I pick up items like olives, mixed nuts, crackers, assorted jarred peppers. It’s so easy to put things together in a quick pinch! 

Stop & Shop made it so easy for our recent Christmas party with friends! 

Of course, this is also baking season as well. We bake hundreds of cookies every Christmas season! So I also stock up on flour, sugars, extracts and more.

Sometimes life gets messy and baking from scratch doesn’t happen. Thankful for pre-made Christmas cookies from Stop & Shop.

Stock up on paper goods. No one wants to be washing dishes instead of spending precious time with your friends! Stock up on festive napkins, plates and table cloths for merriment all month long. 

Write everything down. The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we will remember something. Thought of a last minute gift you need to buy? An ingredient for your famous dip or pie? Write it down and put it somewhere you’ll remember! 

If you know you will be hosting a holiday dinner, set the menu well in advance and write out your shopping list and cross things off as you buy them. Stop & Shop makes it easy to host any holiday gathering whether it’s a delicious ham or roast, their 3 for $10 pie packs, easy clean up and leftover storage solutions, or my personal favorite their free magazine Savory which has so many easy recipes and decorating ideas! 

Keep things simple. As the years have worn on, I decorate less and less. The less cluttered my home is, the less stressed I am. We put out a few key decorations now. 

Set aside time to make a Gingerbread House! We found this one and tons of other options at Stop & Shop!

Keep small gifts on hand. Pick up boxes of chocolates, jams, gift cards and more to keep on hand as last minute gifts, hostess gifts or gifts for the postman, neighbors or the teenager who just shoveled your sidewalk when you have no cash. 

Take time for you! The Christmas season can be really overwhelming. It’s ok to say no to more guests, another gift exchange or crossing off an activity on your holiday bucket list! 

I love how Stop & Shop offers such convenience this time of the year, allowing me to place my order online for delivery or pick-up!  

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