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7 Secrets For Shopping At Target

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If kids and kids at heart have Disney as their happy place, mothers have Target.

Target is the place where you can buy almost anything that you want or need. From cute pillows and blankets, and decorations to appliances. It’s easy to spend several hours walking the aisles and shopping for things you don’t really need. You might head out to Target to buy a bottle of shampoo and leave the store with items totaling $200.

If you’re an avid Target shopper and need to curb your spending, then these 7 Secrets For Shopping At Target are for you.

7 Secrets For Shopping At Target

Know The Markdown Schedule

You might not be aware but markdowns happen depending on the department on a given schedule. You can get the best prices depending on the day you shop.

Monday – Accessories, Books, Electronics, Kids Clothes, Baby Products, and Stationery

Tuesday – Women’s Clothes, Pets, and Food Items

Wednesday – Men’s Clothes, Diapers, Garden Items, Health and Beauty, and Furniture

Thursday – Shoes, House Items, Lingerie, Sports, Toys, Luggage, and Decorations

Friday – Cosmetics, Auto, Hardware, and Jewelry.

Use The Cartwheel App

Get exclusive perks from Target by using the Cartwheel app.

Target’s mobile app, Cartwheel, gives you access to exclusive coupons. Some give you additional discounts of up to 50%. Once you register, you can get coupons you can use immediately when shopping.

Keep An Eye On Sold Out Items

If a sale item gets sold out, you can get the same item for the sale price 45 days after the store restocks it.

To enjoy the discount, go to the Guest Services and request a rain check on the sold-out sale item.

Use Multiple Coupons

Target allows you to use multiple coupons for a single item.

You can triple your savings by using up to three coupons: A mobile coupon from Cartwheel, a manufacturer coupon, and a printed coupon from advertisements.  Don’t forget to use rebate apps, too, which means you can quadruple your savings.

Check The Price Tag

Pay attention to the price tags as they hold the secret to whether the item will be marked down even further.

If it ends in $0.08 or $0.06, that item will be marked down again if it doesn’t sell out. It will probably remain on clearance for two weeks.

However, if the price tag ends in $0.04, that is considered the final price and will not be marked ny lower..

Return The Item For Free

You don’t need to go back out to the store to return your item. Return any purchases via mail for free.

Using your account online, you’ll see a prepaid mailing label provided by Target that you can use to return any items you don’t want.

Plus, even if it’s already been opened, beauty and makeup products, whether you bought them online or through the store, can be returned within 90 days of your receipt.

Price Match

If you find an item from select online competitors, or a printed ad, you can take that to Target and they will match the price that you found.

Knowing these Target Shopping Secrets will help you be an even smarter shopper and save even more when shopping at Target.  So before you head out, make sure you’re following these secret shopping tips.

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Sarah L

Monday 14th of October 2019

Great tips to get the most out of shopping at Target.


Monday 14th of October 2019

Great tips! Thank you for the schedule. I would love to know more about the new program they are starting.

Susan Smith

Monday 14th of October 2019

Great tips I didn't know there was a significance to the price tags. I will have to be more aware of the numbers the price tag ends in.

Deborah D

Monday 14th of October 2019

Thanks for these tips. didn't know about the price match or the out of stock options.I