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50 Screen Break Ideas

50 Screen Break Ideas

50 quick screen break ideas to give your kids’ eyes a break!

screen break ideas

With the kids on their devices because of remote learning all day, I’ve been trying to offer fun ideas to get their eyes off of the screens.

The teachers give them “brain breaks” to give their eyes off of the screen here and there. The problem is I find them playing on their iPads instead of their chromebooks during that time! Totally defeating the purpose. When I tell them to get off of the screen, they seem unsure what to do in the 2-10 minute break they have.

So I came up with 50 quick ideas that the kids can do in the 2-10 minutes they have on break.

I even made a printable for the kids and you of course, to hang up and refer to!

50 Quick Screen Free Ideas
  1. Go for a quick walk 
  2. Go for a quick bike ride 
  3. Write a letter to a friend 
  4. Write in your journal 
  5. Create a collage 
  6. Create a vision board 
  7. Go bird watching 
  8. Make slime 
  9. Play with kinetic sand 
  10. Work on a puzzle 
  11. Jump on a trampoline
  12. Collect leaves 
  13. Make leaf rubs with the leaves 
  14. Go to the playground 
  15. Do a quick science experiment 
  16. Jump in some puddles 
  17. Read a comic book 
  18. Create a comic book 
  19. Take some photos 
  20. Play tag 
  21. Dance 
  22. Make origami 
  23. Play a card game 
  24. Play with legos 
  25. Play with air dry clay 
  26. Bead a necklace or bracelet 
  27. Play a quick game of basketball 
  28. Write a poem 
  29. Fly a kite 
  30. Play with an R/C car or helicopter 
  31. Walk the dog 
  32. Play piano 
  33. Practice your instrument for band 
  34. Work on a sewing or knitting project 
  35. Look through a cookbook for a new recipe 
  36. Rake the yard 
  37. Paint rocks 
  38. Play with chalk outside 
  39. Play with play dough 
  40. Make a bird feeder out of pine ones, peanut butter and bird seed 
  41. Play hide & seek 
  42. Jump rope 
  43. Play hopscotch 
  44. Play jenga 
  45. Do mad libs 
  46. Play iSpy 
  47. Make friendship bracelets 
  48. Color 
  49. Do a word search or crossword puzzle
  50. Do jumping jacks 
50 Quick Screen Free Ideas

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