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30 Fun Things to do in Spring

30 Fun Things to do in Spring

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Erase those winter blues with these 30 Fun Things to do in Spring for your family to do together!

We did it! We made it through another cold winter. My family talks all the time about moving to a warmer climate. What stops us? Not having Spring!

There is just nothing better than the first signs of spring. I am seeing signs of spring all over. The geese are pairing up, the daffodils are popping up and it’s staying lighter out later and later every day. 

After months of being stuck in the house with the kids over the winter, getting out when the weather warms up feels amazing. That’s why I am sharing some fun things to do in Spring!

30 Fun Things to do in Spring

Start a garden 

Make Tie Dye T-Shirts 

Plan a campout

Roast smores around a fire

Make a lemonade stand 

Go on a nature scavenger hunt 

Go fishing

Plant wildflowers 

Make a birdhouse 

Fly a kite 

Build a stick fort outside 

Make bird feeders 

Feed ducks 

Visit a local farmer’s market 

Go blueberry picking 

Go on a bike ride 

Make sun catchers 

Make a rain gauge 

Play with chalk outside 

Visit a local zoo 

Play a game of frisbee

Go on a picnic

Dance in the April showers…

…Jump in the puddles

Look for a rainbow

Raise a caterpillar to become a butterfly

Find a new playground 

Plant a fairy garden

Go to a petting zoo

Go to a minor league baseball game 

What’s your favorite Fun Thing to do in Spring?



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