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3 Foods You Should Be Freezing

3 Foods You Should Be Freezing

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Are you freezing these 3 foods? Limit your time and money spent in the grocery store. Here are our top 3 grocery items to freeze.

3 Foods You Should Be Freezing


I always buy a few more bananas then we need. Why? Because when they get overly ripe and start to brown they’re perfect for:

ripe bananas

Just peel them and lay flat in a freezer bag.


The amount of cheese my house goes through is kind of crazy.

I like to buy shredded cheese in large quantities when it’s on sale, divide it in freezer bags and lay flat it in the freezer.

shredded cheese


You can freeze any kind of bread. If you buy a loaf that isn’t already sliced, slice it up before you freeze it. By pre-slicing it, you can just take out and defrost what you need.

Freezing bread is a great way to keep it tasting fresh for months!

sliced bread

What are your favorite foods to freeze?

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