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7 Reasons Why the 2021 Honda Odyssey is the Most Family-Friendly Minivan

7 Reasons Why the 2021 Honda Odyssey is the Most Family-Friendly Minivan

I’m sharing my reasons why I fell in love while test driving the 2021 Honda Odyssey Elite! It’s the most family friendly minivan and here’s why!

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2021 Honda Odyssey Elite

In one week’s time I fell in love. It was a fast moving love affair and I can’t help but think of my new love: The 2021 Honda Odyssey Elite.

Yup. My new love is a minivan. I’m still kind of in shock about that since I was always one of those people who said they’d never want a minivan. But after spending a week with the Honda Odyssey, it’s all I can think of!

The Honda Odyssey is #1 in sales in the under 35 year old age group and I can fully see why young families are turning to the Honda brand for the Odyssey.

Minivans are known as the ultimate family hauler and here are 7 reasons why the 2021 Honda Odyssey is the most family friendly of them all!

Plenty of Space

I quickly learned that minivans aren’t just for moms of babies. As my kids are now tweens, they are quickly becoming taller and taller by the minute. It’s now like having 4 adults in the car and space is a premium.

During our test drive, we took a road trip to Philadelphia. It’s well over an hours drive and normally both kids would be complaining about their legs cramping up.

The Odyssey has tons of space for families and their cargo thanks to tons of interior space.

2021 Honda Odyssey
Kids in 2021 Honda Odyssey
2021 Honda Odyssey

You can reconfigure your Odyssey’s seating for comfort and easy access to the third row. Each second-row seat can be completely removed individually. The third row cannot be removed but does fold down in the rear

Keeping an Eye on the Back Seat

Rear Seat Reminder + CabinWatch are standard on all Odysseys. When you shut the car off you receive a reminder to check back seat. 

Remember the days of when your baby was quiet and you weren’t sure if they were sleeping? Cue CabinWatch. Or when the kids are fighting because someone is being annoying? Cue CabinWatch.

Cabin watch works in night vision too. It’s the perfect tool to help parents keep their eyes upfront as they drive and have access to that cabin information. There’s no need to turn around!

2021 Honda Odyssey

Exterior Design

The exterior of the 2021 Honda Odyssey has some design changes and styling updates.

If you are familiar with the Odyssey, you will notice a reshaped front bumper and black tailgate trim.

2021 Honda Odyssey
2021 Honda Odyssey
2021 Honda Odyssey

Interior Styling

All of the 2021 Odyssey trims have received updated interior styling. Here are some of our favorites!

There are plenty of USB ports throughout the Odyssey. It seems like every time we get in the car the kids’ devices aren’t charged and there is a melt down. Odyssey to the rescue with the ports!

Touring and Elite has a household outlet. Perfect if you are a family who loves to go camping or I am even thinking about using it in the event of a power outage.

2021 Honda Odyssey

There are hooks in the front seat and in the 3rd row which is so helpful here in 2020. We used them to hold our masks!

2021 Honda Odyssey
2021 Honda Odyssey

I absolutely love the tricolor floor mats. They’re designed for life! They help to hide dirt, sand, goldfish crackers, etc.. But besides that, they really look so sharp!

2021 Honda Odyssey

But hey, when you do get that dirt and sand in the car, no worries! HondaVac to the rescue!

2021 Honda Odyssey Honda Vac

Elite trim has a wireless charging pad which is so cool to me!

2021 Honda Odyssey wireless charging pad

The 2nd row has a screen that comes down to allow the kids to watch blu-rays and it’s great that the odyssey has headphones so that the kids can listen to their movie, music, etc. without you having to sacrifice what you’d like to listen to!

2021 Honda Odyssey
2021 Honda Odyssey

Safety Features

As a parent, there is nothing we want more than to make sure our family is safe at all times. Honda Sensing is standard equipment, entry level pricing in all Odyssey trims.

Honda sensing is an active driver safety suite that helps to prevent an accident before it happens. 

The new electric brake booster offers an improved brake pedal feel. As you are pushing your foot down, it improves your stopping power. Giving the driver more confidence. 

The 2021 Honda Odyssey offers quick pickup and a comfortable drive. Hard to believe you are sitting in the Honda Odyssey! 

Honda Odyssey


With all this in mind, Honda is offering the Odyssey at reconfigured pricing with a starting MSRP from $30,790, so customers are able to step into the right trim for their family. The 2021 Honda Odyssey exemplifies today’s families and what kids and families need. 

American Made

That’s right. Even though Honda is a Japanese company, the Odyssey is made at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. And the engine is manufactured at the Anna Engine Plant in Ohio.

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